Come, let’s gather together and remember,
tuning our hearts to what we’ve always known...
we are whole, we are connected, we are Love.  


Allowing the drumbeat to lead us and soul songs in the Language of Light to bath our hearts in unconditional Love, inspiring words from Spirit fan the flame of our Divine connection, as we journey together Home to the sacredness of our Being.

Please contact me to schedule our time together privately or for a group gathering. It’s time to remember and come on HOME!

"Kim's energy is contagious and her meditations are powerful. Her openness and gifts have allowed me to confidently dive more deeply in search of my higher self."  Gina M.


"Kim’s unique sound meditations and her loving, motherly light, opened deep places within my being. Her music is a channel of awakening energy.” Christian S.


“Kim’s sound mediations exposed me to dimensions of life I’ve ignored for a long time.  She is a deeply intuitive, inspiring person who has expanded my horizons and helped me open to new possibilities.”  Melissa G.


"Kim is a messenger here to activate us to share our gifts during this crucial moment of our evolution, a shaman for our time. Thank you, Kim, for your commitment to love, for calling me and all whom you come in contact with to their own knowing place of truth." Sharon Q. 

A gift for you! 

The Language of Light Coming Home Album

Ethereal, high-frequency melodies bathed in an ancient, universal language unlock doorways into the heart. The subtle resonance of compassionate love and quickening light nurtures the soul to awaken, remember, and return to the Source of all Being.

"I got goosebumps listening to this! Magical!" Liz P.


"Transforming and deeply spiritual experience. Too special for words."  Ian C.


"Mind-blowing!" Maya H.


"This is absolutely gorgeous, so celestial and uplifting!" Frances K.

The Story Behind the Music

Many years ago, an ancient, ethereal language flowed from my heart while in prayerful communion with the Divine, accompanied by beautiful spontaneous melodies. These divinely encoded messages of love filled my soul, assisting me in my spiritual growth and evolution.


When my close friends Sam and Luci Williams heard me chanting this sacred music, they encouraged me to record some of these spontaneous songs. I did and handed 5 of these songs over to their musical genius. They produced and recorded the music so accurately that it reflected what I heard and felt when the music flowed through me the first time; an angelic, cosmic choir reverberating the glory of the Divine!


Our desire is for this music to spread and be shared freely with humanity. Also, for more inspirational, high vibrational music, check out Sam and Luci’s Light Elixir album, another gift for you. If you feel inspired, we appreciate any donations to support future projects. Thank you and blessings!

Poetic Contemplations & Meditations

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