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We Wake Up

The fire of our heart’s desire lights our way,

burning with passion for freedom and truth,

and the end of all struggle.

Entering the dark, peering into the shadows,

facing what we’ve denied,

consciously or unconsciously,

We wake up.

Painful it may be, a frighting realization,

a wake-up call of the highest order,

no longer can we remain asleep,

the blazing sunlight illuminating

the corridors of our inner landscape.

We embrace the conscious, we embrace the unconscious,

We wake up.

The intensity of light expands brightly in our awareness,

the battle between what our minds have known

and the energy trapped in our slumbering state,

waging a covert war for the soul of our humanity,

now finds a resolution,

in the fires of illumination,

We wake up.

Our comatose state now forever shattered,

consciousness and unconsciousness merge,

becoming a unified stream of internal knowing.

Fueled by its strengthening and nourishing warmth,

we heal, we forgive, we rise up a luminous whole.

Honoring our light, we wake up,

never to fall asleep again.

© Kim Ramsey

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