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We Begin Again

Worlds crumble, the mists of past and future evaporate by

the power of Now, evolutionary currents unfolding.

Finding our footing and centered within,

multidimensional realms reveal all that we are.

Not just grains of sand washed up from cosmic oceans,

A vast, interwoven current of unlimited energy flows through our veins

streams of living water, the breath of our Creator

breathing spirit in and through our earthly vessels.

Awakened to our power, creators, made in the image of the One who imagined it all from the very beginning, we begin again

crafting with care, intimately aware of the power of

our magnetic emotions and electrifying thoughts.

What has been is no more, what will be

arises from the depths of hearts cleansed from ancient wounds,

transformed by forgiveness and grace,

with a Love that sees, we begin again.

© Kim Ramsey

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