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The Water's of Home

Swimming within the ocean of being,

swirling eddies of the cosmos,

incubate embryonic pools of creative potential,

primal waters of consciousness ever-expanding,

waves swell with new possibilities

breaking upon the shores of life.

Energy channeled, the riverbank secures,

safe we are in these moving currents.

Tears come, tears go, heart baths, healing streams

purify our watery depths, pollutants removed.

Surrendering, we relax, one with the river we flow

a meandering return to Source.

Sculpted by the journey, wisdom anchored within,

we rest in the stillness of eternal wellbeing,

effervescent joy springs from this fountainhead,

the Divine Mother surges, pulsating new life.

In tune with these waters now giving birth

A reservoir of Love, we are, refreshing, thirsty souls.

© Kim Ramsey

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