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The In-Between

What to do in the in-between,

the stable and known giving way

to penetrating questions,

the light of Truth probes deeply into the shadows.

No more hiding, darkness abates.

Bubbles of presumptuous beliefs,

burst by the rays of light,

upset the echo chamber of entrenched minds.

Light shining on clandestine worlds,

known and unknown unite in transparent Truth.

Can I stay with the discomfort, this silence of not knowing,

watching these shifting sands swirl under my feet,

foundations crumble, known reality fades,

while portals open to what lies just beyond.

Popping bubbles, my beliefs, the illusion of I know,

questioning brings a pause and curiosity.

Is there something more to the story of our lives,

the misty veils of half-truths part revealing other worlds unseen.

New beginnings commence with wondering,

releasing what I think I know, embracing a beginners mind,

accepting the possibility that I know nothing at all.

I surrender in trust to evolutionary currents unfolding.

© Kim Ramsey

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