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The Gift of the Virus

A beloved verse surfaced in my morning’s contemplation as I prayed for the heart of humanity. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4.

We get the jab, we refuse the jab, two sides of the same response to our confrontation with sickness. I view this virus sweeping across the planet in whatever disease or variant it takes on as a virus of fear, culminating in our ultimate fear of death.

We stand at a portal, a planetary initiation of expanding our consciousness beyond the limitation of feeling separate into the remembrance of our eternal connection with our Source. Nowhere can we go, even in the shadows of death, and not be immersed in the Presence of our Creator, swimming in a sea of Oneness.

At this evolutionary threshold, we have the potential to transmute our fear of death into the resurrection power of creating new life, a world cleansed of fear and united in love, connected to the Sacred Presence of our Source and one another.

Let’s do this, my friends! Let us all transcend our fears in whatever form they take, knowing we are forever comforted and protected by the One breathing in and through our every breath. Arm in arm, we will walk together through this valley feeling the loving support of Spirit every step of our way. May this simple poem encourage us to reframe our experiences now and witness the gift hidden in the shadow.

The Gift of the Virus

Get the jab, refuse the jab, which to choose,

I don’t want to get sick, I might lose

this fight to live, what do I fear,

the darkness of death, absolute and drear.

Weary from struggle, I’m just trying to survive,

is it possible I can rest and even thrive?

What lies beyond these fears I resist,

another world forgotten and missed.

Comforting, assuring, a sacred Omnipresence

returns me to the state of peaceful pleasance,

Remembering the Oneness from which I came,

no longer feeling separate, I emerge not the same.

Stopping fear at the doorway of my heart,

in Love’s flow, feeling empowered to impart

a new vision of what life can truly be,

when we return to the vastness of the Sea.

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