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Prepared for These Times

In the swirl of upending chaos, confused cries,

deafening conformity to a world gone mad,

they stand upright, courageous veterans,

weathered by internal storms.

Slaying the dragon of fear, doubt, and despair,

they are prepared, ready to embrace the heart of humanity

traversing this dark night of the collective soul.

Not flinching by threats of manipulative echoes,

these ones have long struggled with quieting external forces

to honor and yield to the wisdom of the voice within

gently guiding them along a treacherous journey of soul recovery.

They know this path.

They feel empathy for a world lost

and trying to find its way.

Recognizing themself in the other,

with a quiet smile on their unmasked faces,

they reach out in love,

the light of hope beaming through their eyes,

inspiring words to comfort those shocked awake

to the reality of a world based on lies and deceit

crumbling to an accelerating end.

The blazing light of Truth, blinding at first,

is more easily absorbed by these prepared warriors,

rising from their battles of inner darkness,

ready to console those now emerging from the ashes.

With an uncompromising knowing,

they affirm by their lives

experiencing the Truth sets one's heart free.

Nonjudgemental and with compassion,

they serve the heart of humanity

core, deep wounds now exposed.

Offering the balm of love,

a healing elixir of light,

and comforting words of hope,

they speak, "We will get through this together."

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