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Our One Choice

Life, a succession of moment-by-moment choices cascading into experiences that we deem as true and real. Yet behind all the myriad decisions we make lies the one Choice, the pivot point determining our destiny, causing us to lift ourselves out of suffering and darkness to grow stronger in empowerment and light. The bottom line choice is this. Am I choosing love or fear?

What is driving me behind every decision, every action? Am I motivated by fear, coercion, guilt, or manipulation? Succumbing to what others expect from me is not loving but sacrificing and disempowering myself. If I choose to negate what feels correct for me to appease others, I'm not coming from a state of love but am dishonoring my inner light and wisdom. If my primary goal in life is to be a kind and loving person, I must first and foremost be that person for myself.

We are in a pivotal moment, and we have the power to choose even as outside forces attempt to take that power away. I remember an intense dream I had several months ago. Standing before a hideous and frightening octopus-like monster, I stared into its evil eye and declared, "we are Sovereign Beings of Light and choose to no longer be under your control."

I lightly touched one of its flailing tentacles, and it immediately deflated like a popped balloon. Walking away, I entered a scene of a great multitude of people celebrating triumphantly, and I knew that it was our fear that kept the monster alive. Thankfully humanity had risen in consciousness to transmute those inner fears driving our lives one by one, choosing love and rising higher above the matrix of darkness, ascending into a greater expansion of light.

I choose to focus on a world free to love and honor ourselves and one another, a world based upon the golden rule! Guilt, manipulation, fear tactics no longer work in this new world now emerging! So today, and every day forward, I encourage us all, moment by moment, to feel what drives us and the decisions we make, is this love, or is this fear?

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