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Open to the Light

A challenging day, my emotions churning, head spinning, heart yearning for answers, desperate for relief, I escaped to the silence of nature. Another world welcomed me, a gentle breeze moving within the grasses of the marshlands, the warmth of the setting Florida sun soothing my aching heart. Relaxing into the arms of our Mother, I wait quietly, watching a group of herons nearby, also still observing the world around them.

Then much to my surprise, they moved closer to me, undisturbed by my presence, as if there was something here, an exchange to be made, two worlds merging with a message to be delivered. Feeling their connection and awed by what was happening, I was ready to receive the gift of this moment with my smartphone in hand.

Suddenly, as if on cue, the heron opens its wings in full display to receive the golden rays of the sun, inviting me to capture the moment, forever etching its message in my consciousness.

"Open your heart to the Light, and the shadows dissolve. Allow the warmth of Love to nurture you and share the gifts you receive with others." Then, as quickly as the heron visibly showcased its communication, he returned to his usual stance, paused, and moved on, joining the other herons who silently observed our magical exchange.

I returned to my life, forever changed once again by my encounter with Mother Nature. Her messages continually open my heart to love myself more, and yes, the shadows of fear do eventually dissolve, revealing an expansive knowing that there is nothing but Love here.

Freed from the struggle, I relax into the gift of who I am and can share myself more easily with others. Moved by the desire to offer an inspirational word, song, or image that opens and nurtures hearts, I hope to remind others of their inner radiance of Light, just as my magnificent blue heron reminded me in our special moment.

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