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Horse Power

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A moment in a horse's presence, the power,

and nobility of his stance,

those deep penetrating eyes

open doorways to my soul,

inviting me to relax, listen closely and enter in.

Every defense of mine unravels,

protective barriers keeping me tied up

within the conditioning of my mind.

Heart unleashed, I embark on a journey

down the corridor of his channeled stare.

Portals open to a world long forgotten,

the innocence of love, the wildness of play,

I ride the open plains of my heart's longing,

the wind of Spirit coursing through me,

and in that eternal moment, I feel so free!

Telepathically horse speaks, comforting yet commanding,

powerful you are, majestic like me,

do you now remember who you've been all along?

You are your own heart's longing,

a child of God born to be free, now let yourself BE!

Leaving horse's presence, more confident and assured,

untethered by self-imposed limitations,

I continue life's journey in growing joyful freedom,

remembering to live from the strength of my heart.

I am fueled by horsepower.

© Kim Ramsey

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