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Heart-Mind Unity

The world is in free fall, I dive to the center,

a portal opens, and surrendered, I now enter.

Settling into the inner landscape of my heart,

here I dwell, never again to depart.

Quiet, peaceful echoes of turmoil fall away,

the inner voice of truth, wisdom become my mainstay.

Released from all pressure, my mind set free,

the breath of spirit, my ever-present identity.

Is it possible to drink from these everlasting springs,

refreshed and nourished, my soul continuously sings.

Baptized again with love’s eternal flame,

life as I know it will never be the same.

Drink deep, my love, refresh and renew,

for new life now emerges within you.

These riches of the heart here for you to enjoy,

spilling over in creative delight and bubbling joy.

Yes, I can live in the outer world of form,

as I dwell in the inner, I create the new norm.

This beautiful balance, heart-mind unity,

truly is the secret for all to live free.

Heart informing mind, from the stillness comes action,

a graceful dance dissolving struggle and faction.

Continuously surrendering this unity washes over me,

a perpetual stream of love flowing ecstasy.

Speak from this well, allow your heart to sing her song,

living from the inside out, you never can go wrong.

This is the new emerging, hearts uniting everywhere,

renewing minds, feel the sparkling potential in the air!

© Kim Inspired

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