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Arise, Dragonfly, Arise!

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

In a moment of life’s mutational edge

an unexplainable metamorphic dredge

spurs the watery nymph to rise

from underworld to reach for the skies.

Arise dragonfly arise!

Mounting the stalk of a nearby plant

the taste of air, intoxicating like a chant

sunlight propels the final mutation

giving birth to a new creation.

Arise dragonfly arise!

What remains from those watery realms

the pulsating life force now overwhelms

a hydraulic pressure unfurling wings

infinite potential forever it brings.

Arise dragonfly arise!

Dancing dreamers, weavers of light

luminescent jewels now take flight

heralds for freedom we so yearn

neon lights flashing, lessons learned.

Arise dragonfly arise!

Their message so clear, change is a must

surrender to life’s mutational thrust

from depths now stretch beyond limitations

take the ascent to luminous, higher vibrations.

Arise dragonfly arise!

Shifting we emerge, unveiling dreams

creators of magic within our genes!

We too take flight as vessels of light

beacons of hope in the darkest of night.

Arise dragonfly arise!

© Kim Ramsey

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