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A Hero's Quest

Desperate for answers,

the world coming to an end,

swirling in confusion,

can I possibly transcend

this darkness, the unknown

and return to a safe haven.

Facing the fear, no longer

do I choose to be a craven.

I hear the call, my heart beckons

to embark the hero’s quest,

not looking outside myself,

the inner life I must digest.

Bravely I begin the journey

to embrace what I’ve denied,

that I may remember

my roots, and no longer hide

from the truth inside of me

waiting to be revealed.

Inwardly I focus

waking up, I am healed.

Now knowing the answer,

change arises from within,

this peace ever present

is where I’ve always been.

Determined not to be moved

by forces from without,

anchored in my knowingness,

I live Truth, no more doubt.

The world of lies, comes to an end.

Hero’s of the inward quest,

stand tall, shining forth

unveiling a world now at rest.

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