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A Different Drummer

I may seem a little crazy, I've jumped off the deep end,

going against the current of the way life's always been.

Who plunges so deep, contrary to all I am told,

seeking my core, an earnest quest, how can I be so bold?

Choppy waters these are unyielding, unforgiving,

the tug of the mainstream, and that outward way of living.

But like a dolphin, I swim, opinions no more detain,

keeping my focus, refusing to lose myself once again.

Determined to return to the source of my being,

the truth of my worthiness will be oh so freeing.

Hearing no other, listening within to recover,

I synchronize to the beat of a different drummer.

My sonar heart pulsating, I feel its vibration,

a swelling cadence, I yield, to float in love's reverberation.

Jitters of I'm lacking, washed away by soothing waves,

pounding the knowing of wholeness, no longer am I enslaved.

An evolutionary love current resonating through me,

impassioned to see all people free.

Entangled no more by fear and self-flagellation,

solely embracing my heart's distinct affirmation.

Self-imposed barriers vanish, no need for validation,

uniquely sovereign, I swim in life's liberation.

Empowered within no longer do I suffer,

thriving, I synchronize to the beat of a different drummer.

© Kim Ramsey

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