“A smile on the face is a sign that the heart is at home.”  Anonymous

I'd love to bring a smile to your face!

I believe home is a sanctuary for the soul!  I love redesigning spaces to reflect the beauty, serenity, and personality of the homeowner. If you desire some change in your living environment, here's how I can help! 




What would life be like if you never again agonized over clutter? Get organized and breathe again!  I’ll work with you to de-clutter a room, an office, closets, drawers, garage, or an entire house!  I help reduce the stress and make it a fun adventure embracing new possibilities. 


Interior Redesign


Just imagine, taking what you already have and creating a brand new space!  I rearrange, reuse, and reinvent the things you own and love!  I clear the room, “shop” your home, and put it all back together as a transformed space that will make you smile!  


I'd love to meet with you to discuss your needs and desires. 

Please email me or call at 828-290-3699 to set up your free consultation!


In the past eight years, our home's office space went through many transformations but never quite captured a livable office/den effect that we were hoping to create. Instead, it became a chaotic dumping ground for all our stuff.  Kim came to our rescue by designing a functional yet very comfortable office/den using the elements that were already there.   With our participation, she softly filtered through the items that would produce the most use and charm to this once drab and sad room.  Her joyful dance of redesigning incorporated a heartfelt and magical arrangement of our favorite things. Kim's ability to utilize the best resources at hand for a definite space is uncanny.  She captured the feeling I always desired for this room; light, alive, and inviting to one's soul.  Thank you, Kim! We are very grateful!!!   Dee & Milton -Jacksonville, FL 


When Kim offered to help with reorganizing my home, I was reluctant and skeptical that anyone could help me decide what to get rid of and how to organize the items I'd keep. I am not the easiest person to give up my "stuff." The task seemed overwhelming! Kim was so helpful and patient. We worked together, making tough decisions about what to keep and what to let go. She is excellent at keeping the project on task without making someone feel pressured. I am so pleased with the results and am enjoying my home once again. One thing for sure, I could have never done it without Kim.   David R. - Mills River, NC


Kim gave me my life back! I'm no longer worry about how my children would have to deal with all my stuff when I pass on.  Not only has she made the task for my children much more manageable after my death, but while I'm still kicking, I am loving my home and feeling like I've reclaimed my life.  Kim is a delight!  I enjoyed every minute with her.  Mary A. - Jacksonville, FL


Before Kim came, I felt overwhelmed and stressed by all our clutter.   Now I feel so much happier and peaceful. It's more organized, open, and feels like a new house!  She brought the change my heart truly desired.   Laurel W. - Greenville, SC

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