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Offering keys of inspiration for
your journey of growth
and transformation


Fine Art Photography 


Poetry & Contemplations

You know the feeling when a photographic moment causes your heart to expand, plants a smile on your face, opens your eyes to behold another world, and allows you to embrace a different perspective.  With the simplicity and availability of our smartphones, photography gives us the joy to grow into more excellent versions of ourselves just by simply being aware and appreciating what’s before us.


I offer these gifts of inspiration given to me on my sojourns in nature. Browse my Photo Art Store and discover the image that speaks to your heart, welcoming the revelation of beauty into your space.

For years I’ve filled journals, thrashing out my emotional dramas, examining my hidden motives, and asking the big questions about life. Now, in my elder years, I’ve cultivated some poetic insights, and wisdom gleaned from difficult lessons. As we navigate our personal and collective growth journeys, my writings are here to inspire us all along that adventure into a greater understanding of who we are and why we are here.


You will find my first poetry/photo book in my Book Store, with more to follow, soon to be accompanied by audio versions with sound healing chants for a deeper experience of the truth of our divine natures. 

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