My Photography Journey

As a young child, I felt close to God when exploring nature. Woodland adventures, rocking in a hammock under a canopy of trees, I sensed being Home cradled by Spirit and nurtured by the Beauty all around me.


Years later, my walks continue to be treasured moments of witnessing the Sacred in our everyday lives. With my smartphone's simplicity and availability, I've discovered the joy of capturing those spontaneous moments when my heart sees the magic of life.  Silenced by the Beauty, Spirit speaks and reveals what's true.


My hobby recently became my profession when someone saw my work and commissioned me to take photos of their lakeside home view.  It brought me so much joy to watch my client's eyes light up and feel the Beauty touching her heart.  


I continue to rely on my upgraded iPhone to capture those sacred moments that arise spontaneously everywhere. Not burdened by additional equipment or techniques, I choose to allow the simplicity of my tool and my sensitivity to Spirit to reveal the glory inherent in all of creation.