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My Journey

As a young child, I felt close to God when exploring nature. Woodland adventures and rocking in a hammock under a canopy of trees, I sensed being at home cradled by Spirit and nurtured by the beauty all around me.


In 1976, I experienced an infusion of light, a baptism of Spirit that changed the trajectory of my life, ushering me on a mystical, shamanic path. Unfamiliar yet strangely familiar languages began to flow through me to assist my soul’s healing journey and awaken my consciousness.


Years later, beautiful spontaneous melodies accompanied my Light Language as I became more finely tuned to my divine nature, in harmony with the love and peace growing within. Inspired by the sacredness and beauty of everyday life, I love to capture these magical moments through photography, poetry, and song to create mandalas of beauty to be shared with all.


My way of experiencing the world results from years of deep, soulful inquiry into who I am and why I am here. With passion, I share my gifts to nurture and inspire us all to remember our inner beauty and honor one another as we celebrate our journey hOMe to love.

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