“Beauty surrounds us.”



And Within Us!


Hello Beautiful Soul! I’m Kim, fellow earth sojourner, growing and expanding into greater awareness and appreciation of the Beauty permeating our existence!  


May my photography, poetry, and sacred song, fan the flames of Love uniting our hearts that we may all bask in the wonder of Creation’s glory.  

Light and sound coalesce,

merging worlds felt deeply within our soul.

Pulsating Love from the Source of All,

Spirit inspires, nurtures us whole.

Beauty revealed within and without,

the peaceful heart abiding at Home. 

Fine Art Photography

Eveningtide with Horses.jpg

Walks in the Beauty of nature are mystical, magical moments for me. The Light illuminates a world so easily forgotten when we don’t quiet ourselves to listen and observe Spirit speaking and showing us what’s true.


Overwhelmed by wonder, my heart can’t help but try to capture a fraction of what my soul feels, the loving embrace of Beauty welcoming me Home.


I love massaging words to describe the subtle influences I experience along life's journey. Whether in rhyme, or a patchwork of phrases, my primary intention is these messages inspire, lifting us to higher states of embodiment as Divine Humans.


Combining poetry or affirmations with my photography brings dimension; adding my voice using video provides a deeper immersive experience.

Sacred Sounds

Are you feeling adrift during these intense times of change? Using the power of sound, let’s navigate this mystical journey of transformation together.


In group gatherings or private sessions, I weave poetry, storytelling, drumming, and spontaneous sacred music, to nurture and tune our hearts towards Home, the source of our Being. 

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