I am under construction!

Currently, in the process of self-recreation, aren't we all? If you are visiting my site now, you'll notice the state of incompletion. ​Rather than wait until I completed my website before publishing (my typical pattern), I've decided to put myself out there while navigating the flux of creative change. 


Raw, imperfect, vulnerable, emerging from the fires of profound change, we begin again building from our renewed sense of what it means to be Home. 

Sacred Sounds

Home Services

Are you feeling adrift during these intense times of change? Using the power of sound, let’s navigate this mystical journey of transformation together.


In group gatherings or private sessions, I weave poetry, storytelling, drumming, and spontaneous sacred music, to nurture and tune our hearts towards Home, the source of our Being. 

Do you need extra support in making changes from old to new, purging excess, and scaling back to a simpler and fresher way of living and being?


Whether clearing out clutter, bringing needed organization, helping a loved one move, or offering another set of eyes in re-designing living spaces, I can help you through your transformational process.

Feelings of peace, wellbeing, belonging, beauty...

experiences in the heart, 

reflections in the spaces around you.  Welcome, Home!  

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